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Through strategic planning and relentless execution, Author Q. Futrell has turned her pain into purpose! She has crafted her experiences into a logical business that helps her clients understand how to set your family up for success for generations to come.


Quniana Futrell wants to live in a world where healthy parents and teachers work together to produce healthy children.


As a Family Advocate she has worked with children and families since 2000. She is an Adjunct Professor at Tidewater Community College serving the Early Childhood Education Department. She has a heart to assist families and professionals caring for children whose parents are incarcerated. She is the only child of two previously incarcerated parents, which is her fuel for serving this population. Quniana Futrell is a published author and released her first children’s book, Our Moms, in November, 2015. Our Moms is a conversation starter for adults working or living with children that have a parent incarcerated.


As a strong advocate for children in their early years, she believes in what the lifelong educator, Rita Pierson says, "Every child deserves a champion — an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”


This impact I know it all too well.  I am the child of two previously incarcerated parents.  The impact this had on me was: I had low self esteem, felt abandoned and even inadequate most of the time.


I get it! I understand and I can be of assistance to help you create appropriate coping strategies for children to help them maneuver through the pains that I too once felt.  I do that through seminars, education courses, speaking, and live events.


Through my services or courses I am able to help you build more confidence in yourself so that you can create a nurturing environment between the parent who is incarcerated and the child.



Parental Incarceration Impacts Children Greater Than Divorce or Death!


Learn 10 Tips to Help Tell a Child the Truth about Incarceration

Work With Me

Are you an adult who parent or work with children who have a parent(s) incarcerated?  If so, contact my office today for support! Check out my two programs:


Parenting Behind Bars™


Parents you are NOT alone! I have created a signature system to help parents who are incarcerated continue to be or become a “Good” parent! Parenting Behind Bars or PBB is a 12 week instructional program for correctional institutions to help decrease the recidivism (relapsing into crime) rate.



Teaching Beyond Bars™


Teachers you are NOT alone! I have developed a training called, “Building Resilient Children Cultivating Teacher Sensitivity: Parental Incarceration.”  This 1-2 hour training can be modified for your large or small group.  We also have one-on-one pricing options available if you work heavily with this population of children, and want a personalized training based on the research data in your area.  My company, the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Firm, LLC, will get you scheduled today for your next interactive professional development day!


For Scheduling or Interviews contact us today by email or give us a call at (757) 598-2117.



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Here is The Formula for

Building Resilient Children:


Current research has proven that although this subject is sensitive, individualized support is needed to serve families.  Some parents believe they are protecting children and lie about the location of the absent parent; however, research has concluded that children who are left in the dark about the topic become distressed.



By providing resources to our community on parental incarceration, the negative generational cycle of offense will be broken.   If we are able to educate our children and families with resources and partnerships in their community they have a better chance of resilience.


Promote the Truth

Depending on the temperament of the child and the family structure prior to incarceration many questions exist.  It is essential that Caregivers stick to the truth.


Follow Up!

Wanting to help children with a parent incarcerated is much different than being the help! As a community we have to provide follow-up to these children and families so they understand our commitment to their success.



Community Resources

Community Leaders you can HELP!  Join the movement today and end the cry for help from this population of children and families.  Check out how these numbers drastically increase:


1972 - 300,000 people in US prisons


1985 – 744,000 people in US prisons


2006 – 1.7 million children with a parent incarcerated


2012 – Over 2.3 million children with a parent in prison

  • 25% are ages birth- age 4, 1 out of 100 adults is incarcerated


2015- Over 5 million children in the US has had a parent incarcerated during their lifetime.

  • 1 in 14 children have a parent incarcerated