Welcome to the ECE Firm

Welcome to the ECE Firm, LLC where we Empower Communities Everywhere!

What we do?  We are a personal and professional development organization helping our clients increase their bottom line, staff morale, systems and automation and overall quality of life.

How we do it?   Based on the initial consultation, our team will devise an action plan that works best to get you winning, again.

Some of our clients include but are not limited to:  schools, child care facilities, social services, small and large corporations, nursing homes, colleges and universities, correctional facilities and individuals.



Designed to help parents who are incarcerated continue to be or become a “good” parent!  PBB is an instructional program for correctional institutions to help decrease the recidivism (relapsing into crime) rate.


This 1 to 2-hour professional development course provides a blueprint on how to confidently “teach” children who have a parent incarcerated.  This training is for social workers, foster parents, and other professionals who interact with children and families affected by incarceration.  Additionally, our staff is available for speaking engagements geared towards inspiring your staff and audience to continue to make a difference in the lives of our future generations.


Designed to assist parents, providers, teachers and professionals with the necessary tools to create a healthy home and school environment for children affected by parental incarceration.


This impact I know it all too well. I am the child of two previously incarcerated parents. The impact this had on me was: I had low self esteem, felt abandoned and even inadequate most of the time.

I get it! I understand and I can be of assistance to help you create appropriate coping strategies for children to help them maneuver through the pains that I too once felt. I do that through seminars, education courses, speaking, and live events.

Through my services or courses I am able to help you build more confidence in yourself so that you can create a nurturing environment between the parent who is incarcerated and the child.

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